Issue Five Table of Contents

Celebrating our second year! The Autumn 2014 edition of Tincture is available now.


  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Inferior Bedrooms, Part Five, by Meg Henry
  • “Emotional Truth,” said the parrot, by Ashley Borodin
  • The Man Who Is Passing Through, by Michel Ge
  • The Demographic Decides, by David Lumsden
  • The Next Turn in the Maze, by David Lumsden
  • David Lumsden interviewed by Stuart Barnes
  • The Salesman, by Austin DeGroot
  • Something to Carry, by Elen Cox
  • Hoary, by Michele Seminara
  • Pearls Mean Tears, by Gargi Mehra
  • Animals, by Alyson Miller
  • Diary of a Tree-Sitter, by S. G. Larner
  • Strong, by Sarah Taylor-Fergusson
  • The Emilies, by Robin Dunn
  • Entropy, by Fleur Brown-Beeby
  • The Insomniac, by Jameson Rader
  • Break up, by Vanessa Page
  • I’m Afraid of Bad Dreams, by J.C.G. Goelz
  • Humbert, by Cassandra Atherton
  • Nothing New to Begin, by Jodi Cleghorn
  • The Dinner Party, by Kelly Hulin
  • temple, by Ashley Capes
  • The Freezing Reality, by Michael Mohr
  • Question, by Hao Guang Tse
  • Falling, by Shane Mac Donnchaidh
  • The King, by SB Wright
  • Lord of the Manor, by Simon A. Smith
  • Euthasia, by Murdock Grewar
  • Grey Streets, by Ellie Kiosses

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