Issue Seven Table of Contents

Issue Seven is now available to purchase directly from our website, Tomely, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play.

Tincture Journal Issue Seven Cover

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Inferior Bedrooms, by Meg Henry
  • Teething, by Ben Walter
  • Interview with Ben Walter
  • Save Them, by Benjamin Dodds
  • Disturbance, by Benjamin Dodds
  • Arena, by Douglas W. Milliken
  • A Miko Coda, by Michelle Cahill
  • Chasing Hemingway in Havana, by Barbara Donnelly Lane
  • Walking Through, by Darrell Lindsey
  • geology, by Mark Roberts
  • In a Doorframe, by Elisabeth Murray
  • Monochrome CITY, by Mary Chydiriotis
  • Cassie’s New Clothes, by Ashley Goldberg
  • Negative Space, by Bint Arab
  • Heat, Flies and Cane Toads, by S. G. Larner
  • Every Movement Is a Sound, by Kayla Pongrac
  • Children Without Faces, by Jeff Meisner
  • We, the Second Generation Immigrants, by Calista Fung
  • Douglas, by Tiggy Johnson
  • Family Secret #7, by Tiggy Johnson
  • Transference, by Rebecca Howden
  • Colour Wheel, by Sue Stevenson
  • The Hermit Convention, by David Harris
  • Poets Anonymous, by David Harris
  • The Intersection, by Gordon Kuhn
  • A Set of Neatly Folded Pyjamas, by Merran Jones
  • Cubans, by Philip Keenan
  • The Trout, by Robin Reich
  • Between the Line, by Seabird Brooks

5 thoughts on “Issue Seven Table of Contents

  1. Just curious as to when Kindle and these other locations will receive the link to issue seven as it appears to be there based on the page with the authors listed. I’ve copied and placed on facebook and then discovered it was not at any location where it could be purchased. Please advise so that I can contact my base and let them know when it will be available to purchase.

    Thanks, Gordon Kuhn

    • Hi Gordon,

      The e-book will be available to buy from our website from 1st September (or possibly the weekend of 30/31 August). It should be available on Kindle, Kobo and Google Play at the same time, although it can take a few extra days for them to approve the content. There is a place holder on Amazon/Kindle at the moment but the book isn’t available (we haven’t even created it yet!!).

      Thanks for asking, we’re very excited about Issue Seven and hope you can share it around as widely as possible!

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