Two Poems by Stu Hatton

To celebrate the launch of Glitching, Stu Hatton’s second full-length collection of poems, here are two of Stu’s poems that appeared in Issue Six of Tincture Journal. Our poetry editor also interviewed Stu as part of our interview series.

Glitching will be launched at Readings Carlton on 25 August 2014 and can be purchased as a paperback from Lulu or as a PDF on a pay-what-you-feel-basis from Payhip.

Tincture Journal Stu Hatton

i sit unfinished    in breath-

by Stu Hatton

i sit unfinished    in breath-

body    as a venerable one

once said there’s nothing

more glorious than keeping

still    like a palm-stump

    or a hill hairy with

trees    yet still only as a

lump of river froth    or a

water maze    navigable

    in raw moment

Note: samples some words/phrases from F. L. Woodward (translator), “Some Sayings of the Buddha”, Oxford University Press, 1973.


hail the goer

by Stu Hatton

Addiction turns out to be a great

disappointment. It’s not that you

refuse to be entertained … it just

never lives up.

Cavities in chemical

light, house buried under leaves,

under amber. You string bells in

trees to offer fair warning.


ought to be enjoyed; tilt a mirror

to the sky once more.


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