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The astronaut made me cry. She made her way across the stage with a perfect mock-zero-gravity space-walk. Smoke rushed out of the door behind her; the other actors arranged rectangular blocks in circular patterns around her. I’m still trying to work out why this particular scene brought on the tears. But anyway: the astronaut made me cry.

I’m talking about the recent Sydney Theatre Company production of Love and Information, written by Caryl Churchill. The fact that I cried is a testament to the power that seemingly-unconnected vignettes can have, as long as they are carefully constructed and arranged to highlight their underlying themes. I was thinking about this when trying to arrange this issue’s submissions into a coherent and satisfying order. It’s never easy, and it’s not—despite what you may think—about picking favourites from what are already our favourite pieces out of a very large pool of submissions.

So what have we chosen? Two non-fiction pieces: a two-part exploration into the concept of terrain, by Rory Kennett-Lister; and a glimpse into the anguish of a failed pregnancy from the father’s point of view, by return contributor Cindy Matthews. Poetry by B.J. Jones, Heather Taylor Johnson, Omar J. Sakr, Sam van Zweden, Justin Lowe, Kathryn Hummel, Lisa Brockwell, Rico Craig, Magdalena Ball and Gemma Mahadeo, plus an interview between myself and Sam van Zweden, who has now contributed poetry to three issues of Tincture Journal. And too many fiction writers to list, but hailing from Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne, India and the US.

As always, the poetry has been selected by our poetry editor Stuart Barnes, and Jessica Hoadley has helped out with proofreading and editing the fiction. I’m also very happy to welcome on board both Kirby Fenwick and Benjamin Barnes as prose submissions readers. Please enjoy our eleventh issue and don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts: or @TinctureJournal.

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