Issue Twelve Table of Contents

Issue Twelve is finally here! Grab a copy here or as part of our 2015 value bundle.


  • Editorial, by Stuart Barnes
  • Auguries, by Adam Ouston
  • To Wake and Then, by Angela Meyer
  • And the Rest Is History, by Chance Lee
  • Natural Assets, Law 2003, by David Stavanger
  • The Reference, by Jane Rawson
  • Smalahove, by Mark William Jackson
  • A Creature of Intelligence, by Zahid Gamieldien
  • Jaboticaba, by Chloë Callistemon
  • Tagged, by Eva Lomski
  • Only the Raven, by Edith Speers
  • Creature, by Shannon Burns
  • DErt Rendezvous, by Natalie D-Napoleon
  • Crow Girl, by Joyce Chng
  • What We Are, by Craig Hildebrand-Burke
  • Shatter, by Gabrielle Reid
  • Not the Best Way to Cope with Things, by Katerina Bryant
  • Cologne’s Zentrum Anatomie, by Benjamin Dodds
  • Elias, by Sevana Ohandjanian
  • Fluid Symmetry, by Gareth Jenkins
  • Too Much of a Good Thing, by Lech Blaine
  • The Cusp, by Seabird Brooks
  • Motionless Chariot, by Dave Drayton
  • Firth Avenue, by Rebecca Jessen
  • Message Stick, by Phillip Hall
  • Alcohol and Me, by Kate Iselin
  • The Defiant Night, by Karen Andrews
  • Man in a Black Hat, by Joe Nuttall


DErt Rendezvous, by Natalie D-Napoleon

Natalie D-Napoleon was “born sandy devotional”, having been raised on a farm on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. For twenty years she has toured and performed as a singer-songwriter. Currently, she is working as a writing tutor while completing a Master’s in Writing. This poem is part of a full-length book erasure project titled The Sands of My Life, an erasure of Emily Wright’s book of the same title.