Suburban Songs, by Kathryn Hummel

Kathryn Hummel writes non-fiction, fiction and poetry, sometimes combined with her original photography. Her diverse work has been published and performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Eastern, Western and Southern Asia; her debut collection Poems From Here (Walleah Press) was published in 2014. More details available at Kathryn’s non-fiction piece, ‘A Night Inside’, was published in Issue Eight of Tincture Journal and this poem, ‘Suburban Songs’ appeared in Issue Eleven.

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Girl resembles toothpaste:

sensitive original.

Beware beware!

Read directions

before using.



Intensity has a bad rep.

Take away the cliché association with vaginas,

possessiveness, stalking, dead pets, death threats—

and you have pure passion

the kind that not only creates diamonds

but blasts them out of mountains.


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