Plum, by Gemma Mahadeo

Gemma Mahadeo emigrated to Australia from the UK in 1987. She has lived in the Philippines, and spent most of her time in Melbourne. Her work has appeared in local and national journals, in print and online. Most recent work includes a villanelle in Writ Poetry Review, and a sonnet in the Pozible-funded Tenderness Journal. She once gave the New Zealand brewers of Yeastie Boys fame a beer poem whilst they were all stuck on a tram together.

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Sli-vo-vitz, you susurrate.

It already sounds alluring

in your Eastern European accent,

and mandatory to the tongue.

I recall snatches

of Williams’ frozen plums;

fairytale plums dusted

in sleet-glaze sugar.

You don’t need to check the icebox—

my blood-stained fingertips and

plump mucous membranes

will attest to the crime.

—after W. C. Williams’ poem “This Is Just To Say” (1934) <>.


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