Issue Fourteen Table of Contents

Issue Fourteen was released onĀ 1 June 2016. Buy a tincture here!


  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Making Noise: Part Two, by Megan McGrath
  • Her Last Detox, by Laura McPhee-Browne
  • What’s to Be Remembered, by Anna Kerdijk Nicholson
  • The Pact, by Regan Lynch
  • it’s an interest, by Ben Walter
  • Pidan, by Deb Wain
  • Carnage, by Joshua Kemp
  • Evolutionary Lap, by Rosanna Licari
  • Last Night in Tokyo, by Kali Myers
  • Bath Scenes, by Nathanael O’Reilly
  • Silver Lining, by M.J. Mounsey
  • Blue, by Kim Waters
  • How to Disappear Completely (in the Middle of a Staring Competition), by Craig Mills
  • The Day Before Australia Day, by BN Oakman
  • My God Complex, by Denis Fitzpatrick
  • Newborn, by Emily O’Grady
  • Personal Growth, by Paul Threlfall
  • A poem by Dave Drayton
  • Begin, Again, by Jodi Cleghorn
  • Thank God for Gravity, by Tee Indawongse
  • A Compressed History of Sound, by Tom Albert
  • from ‘The Ghost and The Machine’, by Catherine Vidler
  • Vine e Panini con Michaelangelo, by Mark William Jackson
  • Early Spring, by Mark Frank
  • A Small, Leftover Hex to Be Undone: charting trauma landscapes and physical patterns, by Jonno Revanche

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