Issue Seventeen Table of Contents

Issue Seventeen is available now. You can now buy a copy online.

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Some Days, by Rebecca Jessen
  • Moederland: Part One: I’m Not From Around Here, by Johannes Klabbers
  • Political Reflections: The Day Trump Won, by Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • The Need for Poetry, by Mindy Gill
  • Water Lily, by Douglas W. Milliken
  • Ethanol, Eschar, by Charlotte Adderley
  • WWJD? by Nathanael O’Reilly
  • Compass, by SJ Finn
  • Plum, Flower, by Eileen Chong
  • Shoes That Go Krtz-Krtz, by Tamara Lazaroff
  • Beach Road, by Thom Sullivan
  • Great Expectations, by Denis Fitzpatrick
  • Avid Reader, by Rosanna Licari
  • Running Away from the Circus, by Philip Keenan
  • Spider, by Ailsa Dunlop
  • From ‘Autobiochemistry’, by Tricia Dearborn
  • Our Mate, Cummo, by Dominic Carew
  • “I can be tight and nervy as the top string on a violin”, by Mark Roberts
  • Venus, by Grace Jarvis
  • Last Post, by Aidan Coleman
  • Fighting for Breath, by Paul Threlfall
  • Combination Soup, by Pam Brown
  • You Are Cordially Invited, by Sean Gandert

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