Issue Twenty Table of Contents

Our last hurrah! Available now from our website and all good e-book stores.

Cover photo: Leigh Backhouse, Untitled, 2011

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young and Stuart Barnes
  • Political Reflections: Part Four: Charlottesville, by Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • Moederland: Part Four: terra in/cognita, by Johannes Klabbers
  • On the Proper Disposal of Limbs, by Shastra Deo
  • John, by Tristan Foster
  • She Dreams of Leaving His Country—1963, by Jane Williams
  • Hijol Trees, by Laura McPhee-Browne
  • We Cannot Trust the Subtitles, by Carmen Leigh Keates
  • Chumi Falls Out, by Barry Lee Thompson
  • The Common Sense of Bats, by Paul Scully
  • Livin’ on a Prayer, by Yen-Rong Wong
  • Gone to Mexico, by Alice Allan
  • Alternative Rock, by Nigel Featherstone
  • Drive-reading Dorothy Porter’s ‘Foggy Windows’, by Luke Best
  • Decompression sickness and other ways to pass the time, by Aidan Tan
  • Fluted Bone, by Steve Toase
  • incomprehensia : an instruction sheet for post-verbal poetry, by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  • Scientist versus Writer, by Maria Saba
  • colour différance, by Alison Flett
  • The Last Day of Spring, by Peter Ninnes
  • Catafalque Party, by Jennifer Compton
  • The Escalator, by John Potts
  • Barren, by Rachael Guy
  • The Magpie Game, by Wayne Marshall


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