A pen is an indispensable item, agree? At home, in your backpack, in your case or in your handbag, it is always good to have one nearby! From writing down a shopping list to signing an important contract, pens are always in use! But with so many different models and prices, do you know how to choose the best option?

Here we explain the differences between the various types found and what you should consider when choosing yours. To make your life easier, we have assembled a top 10 best pens, from brands such as Stabilo, Faber-Castell, Posca and Bic. There are ball point pens, colored pens and even erasable pens. Check it out!

How to Choose the Best Pen

To choose the best pen for you, it is very important to check the characteristics of the model, such as ink type, tip thickness, closure system, and other factors. This is because the products may have different indications for use. We will talk more about this below!

Start by Choosing the Ink Type

Currently, there are basically 3 types of ink that are used in the most common pens on the market, being water-based, oil-based and gel-based. Each one offers a different benefit, and for this reason it is important to know which one is more indicated for your use needs. Check below!

Water-based Ink: For Smoother Writing

Water-based ink is present in felt tip pens and rollerball pens, which have ballpoint-like tips. As the ink viscosity is low, it is very difficult for the ink to accumulate inside the pen and the writing is very smooth.

These pens have a lot of color variation, all very bright, and are perfect for illustrations and lettering. But beware! Be aware that this ink tends to penetrate the paper and can smear! It also dries more slowly, making it ideal for those who write or draw slowly.

Oil-Base Paint: Versatile for Everyday Use and Long-Lasting

The most popular ballpoint pens on the market have oil-based ink. This option is perfect for signing documents, studying, and taking everyday notes, after all, the ink is highly durable, water resistant, and hardly stains the paper.

In addition, this ink is light and has low viscosity, ideal for writing long texts. With it you can write without putting too much pressure on the paper, which avoids tiring even when using the pen for a long time. The well-known BIC pens use this type of ink.

Gel Pen: For Those Who Want Long-Lasting, Smooth Writing

Gel ink is an intermediate between water-based and oil-based inks. This ink is water resistant and less likely to smear, making it easier to use on any occasion. It can also be used to add a little extra flair to writing, since it comes in a wide variety of colors.

The downside is that this ink dries quite easily inside the tube. Therefore, it is important to always keep the pen capped after use so that this does not happen. Should this problem occur, check that your pen has a refill, so you can just buy a new one and replace it.

Choose Pen Tip Thickness According to Handwriting

The thickness of the pen tip can vary greatly, from 0.2 mm to more than 1.0 mm. Therefore, the ideal is that you choose the thickness according to the way you want to write and the length of the text. This way you guarantee a more beautiful, legible and comfortable writing.

Pens with nibs between 0.5 and 0.7 mm are the most common and fit well in almost all situations. Finer tips, with 0.5 mm or less, are ideal for cursive writing and with small letters. Now, if your handwriting is large or if you mark the paper well, pens with 0.7 mm or more are more appropriate.

Choose the Closing System According to Use

The pen closure system is a detail that can often go unnoticed, but that is important for the durability of the product. This is because keeping the pen uncapped can cause the ink to dry out, depending on the type used. See below the main types on the market.

  • Pen with cap: The most common on the market. Widely used in simpler pens, such as those from BIC, Compactor and Faber-Castell. The disadvantage is the ease with which the cap can be lost. However, they are durable options, since there is no risk of breaking the mechanism.
  • Retractable Pen: This closure system uses a button on the top. This way, all you have to do is press it to make the tip come out or retract. The main advantage of this type is versatility, so it is often used by those who carry the pen with them during the day.
  • Twist Pen: Widely used in luxury pens, this system uses a kind of thread, where by turning to one side the tip comes out, and to the other it retracts. The operation is very similar to the retractable pen, however, the design tends to be more refined, since there is no button on the top of the pen.

Now that you know that the pen closure system can affect both durability and versatility, be sure to check this specification before choosing the right pen for your use. By doing so you will be able to purchase a model that is best suited to your use.

Keep an eye on the colors, there are many different options on the market

Some people like to standardize their notes with colors. In this case, having a good variety is important. Currently, the most used options are the traditional black, red and blue ones, which are constantly seen in school supplies and on desks.

However, if you want more practicality, the multicolored pens can be a great option. This model combines several colors in a single body, so you save space, time and effort because you don’t need to look for other pens or change them during use.

Options with Extra Features, such as the Erasing Pen, are More Practical

Ease of writing is not the only thing that matters when choosing a pen. Comfort and practicality should also be taken into account! For this reason, some brands add accessories that help to make the use even better.

Among the most common options are the pens with rubberized finish, which gives more firmness and precision to the writing. There are also some models with an eraser on the end, allowing special inks to be erased. There are even more options available, so pay attention when buying.

Multi-Pen Kits Can Be a Good Choice for Some Activities

Although many are used to buying pens individually, on the market there is a wide variety of kits with several pieces. These options are, besides a way to save money, a solution to always have a good variety of colors at your disposal. After all, this helps to keep your notes more organized, doesn’t it?

These kits are quite varied, and can contain from 2 to more than 70 pens, in professional options. Because of this they are very sought after by those who work with illustrations and lettering. So, if you like to have a good diversity and don’t give up the cost, the kits can be great choices.


After all this content, it is now easier to choose the best pen for your needs, isn’t it? When buying, don’t forget to observe details such as ink type, closure, tip thickness, accessories, and of course, the color. This way you will be sure that you have chosen the best product!

Now you have noted down all our tips, all you have to do is choose your favorite pen, and for that, don’t forget to consider the products in our ranking. If you have any doubts, come back here and review the content. Finally, share this article with your school, college and office friends.

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