Tincture Journal is a quarterly e-book literary journal, featuring fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from Australia and the world. There is no thematic focus. Our aim is to provide a space for both new and experienced writers to publish their work.

The current and previous issues of Tincture Journal are all available now from our website or in the Tomely, Kindle, Kobo and Google Play bookstores.

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The journal is made available as EPUB (for most e-readers) and Kindle formats, without DRM restrictions. PDF editions are also available to subscribers and institutional licensing for universities or other organisations is available on request.

The aim of Tincture Journal is to provide space for new and experienced writers to be published alongside each other in e-book form. We believe that DRM-free e-book publishing is the most effective way to distribute new writing—web sites can be a distracting experience for longer pieces, and while we dearly love print publications, they are expensive to produce. Our goal is to focus on unique e-book content that our readers will enjoy and that we can pay our writers for.

Tincture will become whatever we make of it as a community. Submit your work and come along for the ride. All successful submissions will receive dedicated editorial treatment.

Submitters who have purchased and read the journal are given first priority.