Issue Four Table of Contents

Issue Four marks a whole year of Tincture… time for some holiday reading! Buy a copy now.


  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Inferior Bedrooms, Summer Special, by Meg Henry
  • After Midnight: Toowong, by Zenobia Frost
  • Birth, by Zenobia Frost
  • Housing Needs Assessment, by Lynette Washington
  • Before Everything, by Andrew Hutchinson
  • Leaving West Texas, by Peter Bakowski
  • The black room, by Peter Bakowski
  • The Dead, by Candace Petrik
  • Newborn, by Anna Ryan-Punch
  • Keith vs The Ones, by Andrew G. Bennett
  • Man in City has City, by Rhett Davis
  • Skids, by B. N. Oakman
  • Trash, by B. N. Oakman
  • Hok Diam, by Cher Chidzey
  • Wuttle, by Christopher Cassavella
  • Heatwaver, by Emilia Batchelor
  • poem in orange hues, by Mark Roberts
  • Transference, by Fikret Pajalic
  • One Big Apology, by Kaylia Payne
  • Children of the Tides, by Frank Scozzari
  • August, by John Abbott
  • Everyday World, by Les Zigomanis
  • We, The Boys and Girls, by Matt Denniss
  • Summer People, by Tom Andes
  • I Will Be Your True Christian, by B. J. Jones
  • Always be Paris, by Mark William Jackson
  • In Praise of Loneliness, by Amanda Leduc
  • Toilets and Other Big Questions, by Emily Brugman


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