Submissions are open and closed on a rolling issue-by-issue basis. We have an Australian focus, but consider writers from all around the world. We would particularly like to see some more English writing from the Asia Pacific region and by Indigenous Australians and Indigenous people around the world. We are committed to publishing a diverse range of voices, including diversity of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and writing experience.

In the interests of diversity, please note that we are highly unlikely to publish your work in two consecutive issues unless it’s part of a continuing series that we’ve already agreed upon. Please leave a gap before sending us more work unless you’re submitting to a different category. If you have a particular reason to request an exception to this policy, please send a brief pitch via email to and we’ll consider it.

For more specific guidelines and to submit your work, please visit our Submittable page. As we only publish quarterly, we can be a couple of months ahead with submissions, so please be patient. We allow simultaneous submissions and will not mind if you have to withdraw your piece before we’ve had a chance to respond.

Please note that poetry submissions are usually open for shorter one-month windows due to the large volume that we receive. Stay tuned to our social media for news on this.

You can e-mail brief creative non-fiction pitches at any time to Each year we also consider pitches for regular columns to span four issues. Get in touch!

Editorial Policy

All work will be thoroughly edited in collaboration with the author. E-books are not a lower class of book, and Tincture endeavours to publish high quality writing in high quality electronic formats.


All published writers will be paid, generally a fixed amount between $30-$100 AUD via PayPal or direct debit to an Australian bank account. We take into account previous journal sales and the length of your piece when deciding the final rate. We keep our costs low to ensure we can pay our writers, but please do keep in mind this is a volunteer-run publication. We’re doing our best! We are passionate about advancing literature, both in Australia and globally.


In return for this payment, you are granting Tincture Journal exclusive publication rights for a period of three months from our publication date. Following the three-month exclusivity period, you may freely republish your work elsewhere if credit for first publication is given to Tincture Journal. We request that you only submit work to us that has not been published elsewhere, including your personal website or blog. You will retain copyright for your work at all times.

Mailing List

If you send us some work or purchase the journal, you will be automatically added to our mailing list so you can hear the latest news from Tincture HQ. This is a low-volume list, generally one e-mail per quarter. Of course, you may unsubscribe at any time.