Issue Twenty Table of Contents

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Cover photo: Leigh Backhouse, Untitled, 2011

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young and Stuart Barnes
  • Political Reflections: Part Four: Charlottesville, by Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • Moederland: Part Four: terra in/cognita, by Johannes Klabbers
  • On the Proper Disposal of Limbs, by Shastra Deo
  • John, by Tristan Foster
  • She Dreams of Leaving His Country—1963, by Jane Williams
  • Hijol Trees, by Laura McPhee-Browne
  • We Cannot Trust the Subtitles, by Carmen Leigh Keates
  • Chumi Falls Out, by Barry Lee Thompson
  • The Common Sense of Bats, by Paul Scully
  • Livin’ on a Prayer, by Yen-Rong Wong
  • Gone to Mexico, by Alice Allan
  • Alternative Rock, by Nigel Featherstone
  • Drive-reading Dorothy Porter’s ‘Foggy Windows’, by Luke Best
  • Decompression sickness and other ways to pass the time, by Aidan Tan
  • Fluted Bone, by Steve Toase
  • incomprehensia : an instruction sheet for post-verbal poetry, by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  • Scientist versus Writer, by Maria Saba
  • colour différance, by Alison Flett
  • The Last Day of Spring, by Peter Ninnes
  • Catafalque Party, by Jennifer Compton
  • The Escalator, by John Potts
  • Barren, by Rachael Guy
  • The Magpie Game, by Wayne Marshall


Issue Nineteen Table of Contents

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Political Reflections: Part Three: Mother of all Bombs, by Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • Moederland: Part Three: Stolen Property, by Johannes Klabbers
  • Vase of Gerberas, by Lisa Brockwell
  • Disappearing, by Myfanwy McDonald
  • Tēnā Koutou, Tēnā Koutou, Tēnā Koutou Katoa (Greetings, Greetings, Greetings to You All), by James A.H. White
  • The Nesting Pair, by Ramon Glazov
  • Snore, by Ella Jeffery
  • Middle Distance, by Kate Lansell
  • A Tragedy in Four Hundred Parts, by Angela Gardner
  • We Are Water, by Wang Ping
  • Goddess Distemper, by Gavin Yates
  • Lunches and Liability, by Lauren Floyd
  • Baggage, by Amir Safi
  • Under the Rip, by Regan Lynch
  • beau pres(id)ent for George Washington, by Dave Drayton
  • Directions, by Sarah Hoenicke
  • Baby Doll, by R.M. Fradkin
  • Get out as Early as You Can, by Kevin Brown


Issue Eighteen Table of Contents

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • Editorial, by Stuart Barnes
  • Moederland: Part Two: Memorable Humiliations, by Johannes Klabbers
  • Volta do mar, by Felicity Plunkett
  • Political Reflections: Part Two: Trump’s Inauguration, by Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • Ode to Mortality Composed on the W90, by Jill Jones
  • Mounting Sexual Tension Between Two Long-Time Friends; Tom Knows That Ant Is A Spy But Ant Doesn’t, by Elizabeth Tan
  • Apology, by Liam Ferney
  • The Real Ryan O’Neill, by Dave Drayton
  • Judith Arundell Wright, by Dave Drayton
  • The Waxworker, by Nick Marland
  • Interview with Cher Chidzey, by Cher Chidzey and Daniel Young
  • Queen Victoria Market: an extract from Ken’s Quest, by Cher Chidzey
  • Beetroot, by Irma Gold
  • The Lady in the Bottle, by Rozanna Lilley
  • Mother Tongue, by Eda Gunaydin
  • Reality Check, by Peter Bakowski
  • The Back of My Father’s Neck, by Anna Ryan-Punch
  • Portrait of the Artist Dressed as His Mother, by Craig Billingham
  • Conjugate, by Mark Ward
  • Silly Money, by Craig Burnett
  • Corymbia / Evergreen, by Andrew Galan
  • Cul-de-sac Back, by Kevin Del Principe
  • Property of Holloman Aerospace Medical, by Benjamin Dodds
  • Beijing, by Stephen Smith
  • Objects, by Catherine Vidler
  • Candle in the Wind, by John Sheng (translated from the Chinese by Ouyang Yu)


Issue Seventeen Table of Contents

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  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Some Days, by Rebecca Jessen
  • Moederland: Part One: I’m Not From Around Here, by Johannes Klabbers
  • Political Reflections: The Day Trump Won, by Alexandra O’Sullivan
  • The Need for Poetry, by Mindy Gill
  • Water Lily, by Douglas W. Milliken
  • Ethanol, Eschar, by Charlotte Adderley
  • WWJD? by Nathanael O’Reilly
  • Compass, by SJ Finn
  • Plum, Flower, by Eileen Chong
  • Shoes That Go Krtz-Krtz, by Tamara Lazaroff
  • Beach Road, by Thom Sullivan
  • Great Expectations, by Denis Fitzpatrick
  • Avid Reader, by Rosanna Licari
  • Running Away from the Circus, by Philip Keenan
  • Spider, by Ailsa Dunlop
  • From ‘Autobiochemistry’, by Tricia Dearborn
  • Our Mate, Cummo, by Dominic Carew
  • “I can be tight and nervy as the top string on a violin”, by Mark Roberts
  • Venus, by Grace Jarvis
  • Last Post, by Aidan Coleman
  • Fighting for Breath, by Paul Threlfall
  • Combination Soup, by Pam Brown
  • You Are Cordially Invited, by Sean Gandert

Issue Sixteen Table of Contents

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  • Editorial, by Kirby Fenwick
  • re: flux, by Rob Walker
  • The End of the World, by Moll Green
  • Would Kill for a Massage, by Stu Hatton
  • Istanbul: A Tryptych, by Kelsey Dean
  • Interview with Michelle Cahill
  • Requiese, by Rico Craig
  • The Caves of Blanes, by Adam Ouston
  • Selected Landscapes (In Memoriam Robert Southey), by a.j. carruthers
  • Love Has Nothing to Do with It, by Alice Whitmore
  • An Autumn Stroll through Vigeland Park, by Eduardo Frajman
  • Two-Headed Lamb, by Ivy Alvarez
  • Counting Kangaroos, by Stephen Samuel
  • Interview with Stuart Barnes
  • Thirteen, by Cameron Colwell
  • The End of the Pier, by Louise Slocombe
  • Replanting, by Jane Frank
  • Examined Heads, by Mary Chydiriotis
  • Hector Fucking Katros, by Belinda Rule
  • Local, by Mark Ward
  • I’m Always Going Somewhere, by Joshua Baird
  • A Sequence, by Timothy Ogene
  • A House of Means, by Lucille Bellucci
  • After the Beep, by Adam Ford
  • Enormous Distance, by Simon Barker


Issue Fifteen Table of Contents

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  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Making Noise: Part Three, by Megan McGrath
  • Saving Daniel, by Lucie Britsch
  • Slingshot, by David Adès
  • I Dream of Marie, by Christina Tang-Bernas
  • Fragment: Tuesday Evening, Waitan, by Ella Jeffery
  • Whale Song, by Ben Armstrong
  • Bonbon, by Joe Baumann
  • Chiang Mai, by S. K. Kelen
  • Too Big to Hold in Your Heart, by Rachel Watts
  • Carnival Flesh, by Elisabeth Murray
  • The Wild West, by Anthony Lawrence
  • Seventeen Ruminations About Bottles and Other Matters, Some Weighty, Some Frivolous, by David Murcott
  • Ethic, by Chris Lynch and a rawlings
  • The Lollipop Lady Who Liked Order and Balance, by Martine Kropkowski
  • Confusion and Showgirl Tunes, by SB Wright
  • What Happens in Indiana, by Ellie White
  • The Holy Foolishness of Punk, by Susan Bradley Smith
  • The Juniper Tree, by Vivien Huang
  • When I Meet the Zhou Family, by Mindy Gill
  • Roadrunner, by Liam Lowth
  • Fullas, by Ramon Loyola
  • My Boy Dalya, by Jov Almero
  • Morphology, by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
  • The Gift of Books and the Night, by Lachlan Brown